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Audrie Woodhouse

Audrie is a voice, presentation and personal development coach with over twenty five years in the performing arts as an actor and coach.

During her career, Audrie has worked in theatre, film, and television with such organisations such as the Royal Shakespeare Company, the BBC, and ITV.

Audrie has a deep competency in both theory and practice with a Masters in writing, directing and performance and training in personal development and NLP. Her career has taken her around the world gathering expert knowledge and experience.

She has learned to build on her own success and how to stay focused on personal and career goals as well as overcome the negative demons which can hold us all back. As a master coach in her field she is passionate about positively impacting the lives of others and nothing excites her more than working with individuals to deliver the very best version of themselves.

We communicate with all aspects our body and mind, not only the voice. Audrie works with the whole client to unlock unique qualities, overcome negative beliefs, eradicate insecurities and gives them the skills to present themselves with confidence, authenticity and integrity.

Work with her to target your goal and ensure your success.

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